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Z : zee
    1 "The" : Zee Germans are coming

zany : zuh-ay-nuh-ee
    1 desriptive of someone who believes himself interesting but is, in fact, mediocre, predictable and annoying. : Oh my! Us internet nerds are so zany!

Zebra : Zeh-bra
    1 A horse with bold, black stripes with a white background. Also used as the main body of this example. : Zebra, bastard zebra, Zebra, ZEBRA FUCKER!!!
    2 The answer to the joke : what's black and white and eats like a horse?
    3 The only rude word beginning with 'z', pronounced with a Russian accent. : My Zebra is from Victoria's Secret.
    4 A horse with bold white stripes on a black background :

Zed : Zeduh
    1 A small part in a film that leads to a good line by the hero. : "Zeds dead baby"

Zip : zi pp
    1 A fastening device that should not, under any circumstances, be in place of a mouth. : "A ZIP! FOR A FUCKING MOUTH! FFFUUCKING ZIP! A FUCKING ZIP FOR A MOUTH! AAAARGH!"
    2 Thing for catching and munching upon a foreskin : Aaaaaarghhhhhh ive got to undo it to get myself free!

zuffle : zuff - ull
    1 To wipe one's cock on the curtain after having sex, usually in a posh bird's house. : You know that posh bird i shagged? I gave her a zuffle.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    1 The sound of sleeping. : woo, the last dictionary entry!!!111!
    2 the sound of not sleeping backwards : FACT

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