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w/y/h : woo, yay, hoo-plah
    1 (abbrev.) Woo, yay, houpla (See woo, yay and houpla) : ''w/y/h to you sir. What a smashing post.''

Waite, Terry : gee-zus
proper noun
    1 central heating expert : "That radiator's fucked again - better get a Terry Waite."
    2 a sanctimonious cunt : .
    3 What is missing : Who's missing? Terry Waite

Wales : whales
    1 Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak : eeeeep
    2 A small country attached to England by singing, home to various eccentric 4rthur types. : "I'd like to book a holiday. I want to go somewhere rainy, please" "Go to Wales"

walk around for a bit : fwap-fwap-fwap
    1 what you do after a wank : Every now and then, a wank lasts 2/3 minuites, and every now and then it goes on for nearly an hour*. then I get bored, give up, and walk around with a stiffy untill it goes away.

Wank Hattable : w'ank hat-a-bul
    1 A sexually attractive person or thing that gives the observer a desire to wank into a hat : "You know that girl who works in 'House of Chapeaux'?" "Oh aye, the one with the norks." "Utterly wank hattable"

WANK IT : wan kit
    1 Solution to all problems. Disturbingly, it appears to be Patrick Moore's catchphrase. :
    2 How to get off the third level on Mario. : "WANK IT! WANK IT HARD!"

WANK IT HARD! : wan kit hard
    1 See: WANK IT :
    2 Recently abbreviated to : WIH

Wank-Biscuit : (w)-ank bis ;kit(e)
    1 An expression used for the conveying of a crap object of poor performance. Not to be confused with air-biscuit. : "This pool cue's an absolute wank biscuit."
    2 Popular public school snack. :

wankle : wank (you know as in wank) - ul
    1 As is the joint between leg and foot "ankle" so is the joint between arm and hand a "wankle" : Never by a genuine Rolex watch of a Russian, it'll make your wankle go green.
    2 a type of rotary engine, named after the inventor : you know that mr engine? he's a right wankle

Wedding : WEDDING!
    1 An apparent ceremony, 5olly and Dutchbird took together. : Excuse me Dutchbird, is that your husband? No, that's just 5olly.
    2 Ceremony to celebrate the marriage of a couple : "Did you go to their wedding?" "No, but I meant to"
    3 Exclamation to indicate that a member of your party really should have left by now : "Oy! 5olly! WEDDING!"

Weird : Wee urd
    1 When you catch yourself doing something so unspeakable you are lost for words. : "What the fuck are we doing, that's too weird"

    1 graphical font recognition tool : "What's that site that identifies fonts?"

White Strokes, the : The White Strokes
noun, verb, tmesis, adverb, adjective, pronoun
    1 Originally a horrible attempt to sound cool by knowing about the skiffle combos the kids are all getting down to, now an alternative to Vinegar Strokes : You could have irrigated the Sahara with the sweat from my balls during the White Strokes

wine : why-nn
    1 An alcoholic drink that should not be drunk through a straw : Look, Backrubslut has drunk wine through a straw and is now puking everywhere.

Woffle : woh-full
    1 The nibbly movements rabbits' noses make. : Aw! Look at Mr Bigears woffling!
    2 The feeling of overwhelming cuteness one gets when watching a rabbit nibble, or some other such thing. : "Aww! He makes me want to woffle!"

Woo : wu
    1 an exclamation of joy or approval. see also: yay, houpla :

Woo Woo : woooo woooo
noun of course
    1 Mixed drink comprising 1 1/2 oz peach schnapps, 1 1/2 oz vodka, 3 1/2 oz cranberry juice all poured into a highball glass over ice cubes, stirred and served up in a Highball Glass (ABV: 14% - 29% proof) : I have had enough of posting, lets woo woo
    2 Primary cause of failed Mongolian clusterfuck (see Colombian fustercluck) : FFS, sorry dear, too much woo woo
    3 A drink that allows all men or women to meet a sturdy girl : You know, after all that woo woo this place is full of Sturdy Girls
    4 Sound emitted by Thomas the Tank Engine : wooo wooo
    5 Temporary alieviation of cockstunter syndrome : Woke up next to a real cockstunter this morning woo woo
    6 First sign of belming : I have to be at the office early as i have loads of woo.. woo.. to do
    7 The sound of a man being hurt backwardly. : !struh taht ,woo woO

Woo Yay Houpla :
    1 The height of excitement, joy, and of near spiritual nirvana. (see also w/y/h) :

Woosome : woo-sum
    1 Having the property of being extremely Woo : "That tattyshop is woosome indeed, congratulations"

Work : wrk
    1 The bizarre act whereupon you look busy, but secretly go to the 4rthur board and talk rubbish so as to avoid proper work. : "I need to use the computer to do some work" (rough translation: I'm going to click around until you leave, then go to 4rthur.
    2 The fabled fourth place 4rthurians go when they aren't sleeping, on the board or in the pub : Fancy a pint? Can't, I'm working

    1 What the fuck are you banging on about? :
    2 Best pronounced in a Northern accent : See Supermoore, Mrs. Vulga

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