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Aaardvark : Aaaaaah-d vahhk
    1 A more competitive aardvark :
    2 a chav saying : hay look theres an Aaardvark

Aardvark : arde-vark(e);
    1 The only creature in the world with a distinctively long nose, except the elephant. Also has a long tongue for getting at ants. : Look an aardvark!
    2 the above definition is a lie. : elephant shrew have long noses. as do butterflies.
    3 For long noses see: : Celine Dion
    4 One should not neglect to mention Pinocchio, following a lie : Oh - look at Tony Blair, he's gone and done a Pinocchio again, and now looks somewhat similar to an aardvark
    5 Something chewed by Mikey G-string on new years eve 2004/5 :

Aarrrgggghhhvark : aarrrrggghhh-varke
    1 An anteater who has caught his nose in a door. : AARRRRRGGGGHHHHvark *eats ants*

Ace : Ay-ss
    1 used when describing something particularly excellent. : "90Nz0 is ace"

AICMFP : and I claim my five pounds
    1 Used to prove you are correct and deserve a prize : You are Dale Winton, AICMFP

Air-biscuit : Aa(e)re biss kit
Subjective ab-pronoun
    1 An alternate phrase for the word fart. : Who's launched an air-biscuit?
    2 Alternative word for fart : Derived from farting in a buscuit tin and leaving it for the next person

AISYFP : And-eye-steel-yoor-fiv-pownds
    1 Used in response to AICMFP. Pikeying somebody's claimed fiver. : AICMFP. AISYFP. OI! EASTY! COME BACK WITH MY FIVER, YOU THIEVING CUNT!

Alan Robb : A-l-a-n R-o-b-b
Cockerny Rhyming Slang
    1 Nob. Orig.: They rhyme. : You are such an Alan.

Alanic : Alanic
    1 Expression used for something that has the air of irony without actually being ironic. For instance, the entire song "Ironic" contains only examples of alanic occurances. : "Isn't it Alanic?"

Alaska? : al as ka
    1 See: Jamaica? :
    2 Unusual mis-spelling for Alaska. : The first word in this dictionary is "Alasaka".

All : 'ol
    1 A large quantity : I drank ALL the beer last night

Anal Retentive : ay-nul ree-tent-ihve
    1 The opposite of a B3tan : that b3tan looks anal retentive, mustn't be a regular.

Androgynous George : an drod jen us j or je
Neuter Noun
    1 A scarily asexual robot builder/controller. : "He can't be, he doesn't have norks!"

Angry Pirate, The : An Gree Pie Rat
    1 Sexual Act: to ejaculate in a girl's eye, then kicking her in the shin so she jumps around the room on one leg and hand over her eye while screaming "ARRRRRR." : I pulled some girl in a club last night. i took her home, and did the angry pirate

Anti-Climax : An-tee Cly-max
    1 When you're wanking over porn and suddenly you realise, at climax, that it's a tranny/animal; thus causing you to inversely cum : "Shit.. I anti-climaxed last night.. got 10 ounces of jizz stuck in my cock"

antler : ant lar
    1 reindeer horns : look at those reindeer horns, no dear, they're antlers
    2 The male version of an antlette : then I got her home and it turned out she was an antler

Apostrophe : Ah-poh-stroh-fee
    1 The correct spelling of 'Apostrophy', and used often when there is absolutely no need. : Cheap pineapples and banana's!
    2 See 'prepostrophy', the art of misusing apostrophes. : Well ill never. Shes got two cow's looking in her back windows' !
    3 Punctuation mark with the meaning: Attention, there is an "s" coming. : Fruit's and vegetable's.

Apostrophy : Ap-oss-troh-fee
    1 A mark of punctuation that is sadly underused, mainly by total fuckwits. : Theyre gay
    2 The incorrect spelling of the word 'Apostrophe' : Use an apostrophe!
    3 A catastrophic use of an apostrophe : That was the worst apostrophy i have ever witnessed

ardvark : a-r-d-v-a-r-k
    1 a small aardvark : look! an ickle ardvark.

Arf : AH-Uhr-f
    1 Intense Laughage : Hahahahaha-Arf!
    2 One of two words in the canine vocabulary. See also Woof. : Arf!
    3 The b3tan/4rthuran word of laughter, which is scorned on if used on anyone else : "Arf!" "What are you on about? Twat."

Argos : ar-goose
    1 The collective noun for chavs : An entire Argos of chavs chased him up the street

Arrrrrr! : R
    1 An phrase used by Pirates associated with general pirate-like stuff. Not to be confused with pie-rats. : Arrrrr, where's me washboard!
    2 A variation of that word you make when you open your mouth for the dentist. : Ahhhhrrrrrr
    3 The last thing you hear before being swashbuckled : "Here be one, cap'n! Arrrrrrr!"
    4 one of the two letters in the pirate alphabet. : see aye

arse bandit : r-s BAN-dit
    1 The thief of the arse : I was robbed by the Arse Bandit last night

Arsenuggets! : Ar-s-nu-ge-ts
    1 Nuggets of 100% pure arse : See that alexnessie? He's total arsenuggets!
    2 The dissatisfying sort of turd that even a rabbit wouldn't be proud of. Usually requires a disproportionate effort to expel. Aka Maltesers. : Christ! I just burst a 'roid for one lousy arsenugget!

arsetigers : ARRR-sss-Ty Gers
    1 random profanity, often used by lo, the greebo warrior after too many vodka-redbulls at b3ta bashes : Arsetigers! i spilt my sodding pint!
    2 when bitten by your cat : erasmus get your claws out of my arse!

asf adsfg afg fg : assfu-adsfug-afug-fug
    1 Gobbledegook. The result of hitting keys randomly on the keyboard. Originated from a post on the beta messageboard by repcak, which later turned into a bandwagon. : asf adsfg afg fg
    2 The 90nZ0 spelling for the word 'Architecture' : I licke the asf adsfg afg fg of this billding

ass hat : ar-ss h-at
    1 meat head : that guy is such an arse hat
    2 shit hair do : man that guys ass hat stinks

Auntface : arnt-fay-ce
    1 The sister of a Mumface : See Auntface over there? That's Mumface's sister.

Auto-complete : Ot-tow-com-pleat
adjective, i guess
    1 The act of typing a random letter from the "auto-complete" drop down cookie, to display a random line of text that you have previously used on b3ta or 4rthur. : *fires blunderbuss*
    2 When you type 'h' in the subject line when posting in b3ta, and you get about a million things saying 'haha', 'hahahaha', 'hahahahahaha' and about 300 other alternatives : "Dear god, i just typed D into google and it came up with 'donkey porn'. Shit i was ratassed last night"
    3 Something that makes you wonder who, if not yourself when pissed, has been using your computer : When you type 'yay', you get 'yay, strip uno!!!'
    4 A way of confusing all and sundry, usually while drunk, due to being too lazy to type : oh tits, Nosemonkey's been at the pub at lunch and is autocompleting again

Ayako : Ah-yah-ko
proper noun
    1 Borneo-based 4rthurian/b3tan orangutan :
    2 Tugboat : "Look at that Ayako stuffing his face with pies. And yams. And yam pies."
    3 famed exploding cigarette scandal ape : shocker!
    4 A girl all along : sorry about that
    5 Borneo-based 4rthurian orangutan corpse : dead

aye : eye
    1 the other letter in the Pirate alphabet : Aye, capn' Tis a fine ship tha be shar. Arrrr
    2 any form of agreement : see above example

Aye-aye : i-i
The evil twin of the shop-able lemur Varecia varie
    1 An excuse for a cheap joke : there was meant to be an image here

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