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l33t : l-ee-t
    1 Language that replaces certain letters with numbers, which started on online FPS games. Derived from the word ''elite''. More recently become an internet taboo due to annoyingness. : j00 r31d t3h f4g0t bus t0 sk00l!
    2 Supposed "hacker" language that started before fps games by lame wannabe cool kids that looks stupid. Replaces letters with numbers, praises appalling spelling and odd capitalisation. : h0W tO 5ouND LIke @ PHuCk1N9 muPP3T In 0ne e@5Y S+EP
    3 pointless 'language' used by 'hackers', who are, in reality, 14yr olds with a copy of AOL instant messenger, and counterstrike : j00 4r3 4ll 61Y! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!one one one exclaimation mark
    4 a sort of internet dialect mainly relevant to fps and intended by all that use it as a bit of fun. : lol pwnz3|) j00!!!11123four i r teh 1337 |-|4><><0|2

ladyfwap : The same as 'fwap', but with 'lay dee' before it
    1 Furious and energetic female masturbation. The feminine form of 'fwap'. See also 'splutch'. : They're doing a naked dance all over the board! *ladyfwaps*

lemming : lem-ming
    1 Small, thickset rodent known for mass migration. : They dropped like lemmings
    2 Repetitive, blue, green and pink computer sprite. : "Oh no, not more lemmings"
    3 To be in the act of commiting a lem. :

lemur : lee-mrr
    1 A highly photoshoppable mammal, usually of the ring-tailed variety, famously originating from the island of Madagascar and known for living in large matriarchal family groups. : New to b3ta? You can't go wrong with a lemur.
    2 the eyes of which are commonly believed to generate large amounts of creepiness irregardless of what image they are applied to. : this commonality of this practice is generally attributed to yakmonkey.

literotica : lit-err-ott-ic-ah
    1 Jazz material without pictures : Ladies prefer literotica

LOL : l-o-l
    1 Used by people that are too stupid or lazy to think up a reply to some humour. : My dog has no nose. How does he smell? Terrible! LOL!

London : lahn'dahn
    1 Only real city in the world; where anything that matters is/ : Crime, pollution, over-priced.
    2 The home of many B3tans : so it can't be that bad a place
    3 A small hamlet of little importance or interest. : Bognor's shit, but it's better than London

loris : law-riss
    1 Small tree-dwelling mammal overburdened in the ocular department, highly photoshoppable : awwwwww, loris!

Lurk : Luh-rk
    1 To observe the board for a long time (years i some cases) without posting. : Yegods! Impressive Lurkage

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