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Davidson, Jim : Jim Day-vidd-son
    1 See: cunt cf : Jim Davidson is a right cunt.

Davidson, John : Joh-n Day-vidd-sun
proper noun
    1 Tourette sufferer, television hero, all-round lovely bloke : "fuck off big nose ... woof ... sexy bum!"
    2 ermm... did you mean Jim Davidson?! :
    3 Not Jim Davidson : he's a cunt

Day-shift :
    1 Those who post to b3ta during the day. See: night-shift. :

De-lurk : de-lu-r-ik
    1 To jump in and post a message after watching the board anonymously for hours :

death in a jar : deth in ah jar
    1 Non-specific threatening item : Stay back! I have Death In A Jar!

Defenestrate : dee-fen-ee-strait
    1 The act of removing someone via a window : Shut thy trap or I shalt defenestrate thee!

Diddle : Did-il
    1 Small : Awww look at the diddle penguins
    2 The act of female masturbation : Janet was up all night last night diddling over Barry Manilow, all I could hear all night was splutching

Dido : Di-do
inane cunt
    1 5olly is Dido's mystery boyfriend : Call The Sun!

Dig-It-All : Dig - it - all
    1 Showing a love of all things digital regardless of quality or content : This site has all gone dig-it-all

Dimplewank : Dim-puhl-wank
    1 The facial equivalent of a titwank, the act of pleasuring oneself against a face-cleft : "You don't see much of Will Carling these days, do you?" "I do, I got a dimplewank of him last Tuesday"

dirty : dur-tea
    1 a special place that girls let you touch if they really like you. : Can I touch your dirty with my winky?

DJ Hetz Hudson : Dee-jay hets hud-son
    1 German hardcore DJ, loved by b3tans for his fantastic spam : DJ HETZ HUDSON - THE SPEEDCORE WAY OF LIFE!!!!

DJ Lovehammer : Dee-jay love-ham-mer
    1 Slim's DJing alter-ego : Give me your lovehammer!
    2 Something to throw pants at : *screams*

Domo-kun : domo-khun
    1 Lairy cunt : We love Domo-kun!
    2 Brown sponge man who appears to be angry :
    3 A child-like alien monster who was born from an egg. used as a very bizzare advert for a Japanese TV company :
    4 Furry bugger who kills kittens when you masturbate. :
    5 sentient weetabix : "gaargh! my breakfast is alive" - don't be daft, it's domo kun
    6 Drawer - in of Justhere : Lo a picture of Domo! Here is Justhere to comment

Dr. Shambolic : sham-boll-ick
    1 a bit of an idiot : Dr.Shambolic is a bit of an idiot

dsf asdfg afg fg :
    1 dsf asdfg afg fg : synonymous with ''asd fdg dsdsdfffga'' : dsf asdfg afg fg
    2 Usually used by someone to indicate they are too tired to actually look at the keyboard while typing : dsf asdfg afg fg
    3 spelling mistake of repcak's words: : dsf adsfg afg fg

Dwarf : Like Worff with a D in front
Unit of measurement
    1 Approximately 4 times the size of Down on the Farm :

Dyer, Jacob : dzhay-kob daiyer
    1 A newbie on b3ta who mistook said site for Myspace and posted details all about his life, the bulk of which subsequently became a meme. : my name is jacob dyer and i live in bristol. it is fantastic. i sound like barnaby bear. i like barnaby bear. one time he went to france. i went to france. but some kid burnt my neck. i didnt like it.
    2 rhyming slang for fire, from the burnt-neck reference above : he's on fucking Jacob Dyer!
    3 the most surreal newbie piss-take ever :
    4 not particularly funny the first time : like many memes

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