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I would : Eye Wood
    1 To want to engage in sexual activity with a picture prior to the statement (Though should be used more for the pictures you really wouldn't ;) ) : Cor, I would
    2 See: Sunshine Elephant :
    3 2 word phrase used by single men when presented with a picture of a lady : phwoar! I would..

I-Pod : eye - pod
    1 Rich persons personal music player :
    2 Subject of one of the most annoying bandwagons : i-plod, i-quo, i-blessed, i-etc
    3 Deliberate misspelling designed to annoy new media whores and overly serious Apple junkies : Haha! I kept calling Nathan's iPod an 'I-Pod' until he turned an iMac shade of strawberry
    4 the muggers grail : 400 in yer pocket, gertcha!

Idiolalia : id-ee-oh-lah-lee-ah
    1 Use of a language invented by the person himself. : He seemed mad, but it was just a case of idiolalia.
    2 Message from a puzzled mod : Can anyone can shed any light on the Stanley Unwin definition? I'm confuzzled.
    3 Stanley Unwin : twisty and corruptit of the basic English twenty-fido

ILYWYMM : eel-eeh-whim
    1 Acronymical burstage of flambouyant feelings of likiness towards a person who one likes; I love you, will you marry me? : I say, that's a damn fine poo poo. ILYWYMM

In joke : Inn joh-k
    1 Device used by people with no discernable sense of humour of their own to fool others into believing that they are, in fact, comedy geniuses : "Well, you'll have to go and get some steak and superglue then, won't you?"
    2 A joke that has yet to acknowledge it's a raving gaymosexualist. : I can't think of an example. Sorry.

Internet Explorer : py all of wank
    1 bug ridden, bloated malware insertion aid : gah! the popups!

interrobang : int-errow-bang
    1 A fantastic piece of punctuation, showing both questioning and surprise : She killed the kittens WITH HER FEET?!
    2 The INTERROBANG was created to fill a gap in our punctuation system where writers often used typographically cumbersome and unattractive combinations of the question mark and exclamation mark to punctuate rhetorical statements where neither the question nor an exclamation alone exactly served the writer. : HOW ABOUT THAT?!

Is that real? :
    1 Rejoinder to clearly fabricated image. Originated from the photo of the shark jumping at a helecoptor. : "No."

Isle Getty-Battler : I'll get you Butler
Island State
    1 Remote island located off the shore of Switzerland. : Where 4rthurians live.

IT Professional : eye tee profeshunul
proper noun
    1 a job that earns one the greatest social standing and respect : excuse me young man, I'm an IT Professional, stop throwing shit at my house
    2 defenceless nerd remonstrating their inability to change the situation : go away bailiff, it's not fair: i'm an ITP
    3 Better than a superhero : Superman? No what you need is an IT Professhunal

It's : ih-teh-sss
Diddy Word
    1 Commonly misused version of "Its". : Where the fuck did that \ come from?

Its : ih-teh-ssss
Diddy word
    1 Commonly misused version of "It's". : This one doesn't have a /

ITYMF : itimf
    1 I Think You Might Find. Sometimes preceded by A for Actually. : ITYMF that Macs are waaaaaay better than PCs.

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