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sarcasm : sah-kazem
oh yes because the whole world doesn't know what i
    1 the lowest form of humour : I REALLY like you picture

    1 The fundamental explanation of EVERYTHING. Much better than that wussy religion shite. : And now I shall build the supreme Bacon buttie using the power of SCIENCE!
    2 Represented by the colour brown and eggs : My teacher wears brown and smells of eggs, he must teach SCIENCE
    3 a type of fish sauce : Hmm, needs more SCIENCE
    4 mostly flapdoodle and of a false or counterfeit nature. :

SCOTCH DEATH : scot ch de eth
    1 Disease originally brought to England by DMQOB from scotchland : I've been to scotchland and don't feel well - I have SCOTCH DEATH

Scrotums! : Scrow-tum-s
    1 A word you say when something goes wrong. Commonly used in PixelPuss : "Scrotums!", says Frank when the Siberian Screaming Colour Thief Monkey nicks their colour

Sea-Biscuit : Cee Biss Kitt
word thingy
    1 A fart made in the bath. (See Air-Biscuit) : bloblle obble pop. "Ahhhhhh bubbly water filtered goodness"
    2 a horse that won something and then they made a film about it : I bet its a really shit film

Seamless : Seam-less
    1 Seamless images... lie : most n00bs images
    2 when someone makes an image where, for example, the head is B&W and poorly cut out, shoved on top of a coloured donkey, with the donkey's head still visible behind it. : "seamless!"

Seriosity : Ser-ree-oss-itty
    1 An indicator of Serious status. : Derek's fart during the official opening of parliament completely shattered the seriosity of the moment.

SFW : ess-eff-dubbleyew
    1 Suitable for work : Don't worry, it's SFW
    2 Safe for Work. : No goatses here

Shanghai : Shang - High
    1 Euphemism for sobbing and wanking : "I'm going to shanghai" = I'm off to sob and wank. "I'll be in shanghai" = I plan to wank while sobbing, "I think he's visiting shanghai" = I think he's at home sobbing and wanking

Shit-machine : shh (h)it - meh ;sheen
    1 A computer system or program with a number of annoying faults or bugs. : Its crashed again the fucking shit machine!
    2 An individual who has been perceived to be full of shit. : You little shit-machine!
    3 A small child. : my baby is a shit machine.

Shitehawk : Shy-ta-hor-ka
    1 another name for a nasty area of Brighton called Whitehawk : Urgh you chav scum, where are you from? Shitehawk?
    2 what my loving grandfather used to call me : one breaks a glass clown at a grand parents and it turns out to be "a priceless family heirloom", you would be called a shitehawk. more than cheeky bugger, but less than a sunday name

Shitty Nobs : Shit-Tea Nobs
    1 A particularyly stupid Australian dog who, when asked to run errands or otherwise save the day, returns from a trip to the shops with a meat product. : Oh Shitty Nobs, the head fell off my statue of Abraham Lincoln. I asked you to bring back superglue, and all you brought was steak. Again. You stupid cunt.

Silly Chicken : Seelee CheekEn
    1 Someone who has the good sense to put up a thread with just a very amusing comment about something no one else on the board cares about : I just had a sandwich to eat.-If you write this sort of thing then you are a Silly Chicken

Sink Risotto : Sink-Rizz-ott-o
    1 The accumulation of semi-rotten food to be found in the kitchen sink plug hole, especially if you use one of those plastic sieve thingies to stop the old food from the washing up bowl blocking the sink. : Is there anything to eat in the fridge? No, we're too poor. Oh dear, sink risotto again..

Slapper lacquer : Slappa Lacka
    1 Cheap fake tan, resulting in an unnatural, orange skin tone. : In Croydon, there is a preponderance of council estate facelifts & slapper lacquer

sleepybinky : slleeeeeeeee PEA bin KEY
proper noun
    1 b3tan slack fannied whore who'll let you do anything to her : "Hey! Sleepybinky, I'm going to jam clawhammers up under you shoulder blades to give me more leverage when I fuck you up the arse" "Okay"
    2 Desperetly seeking attention by asking people to write stuff about her here. : "anyone feel like editing it so i look more nice? *batters eyelids* *flutters fishcakes*"
    3 a lovely lady on b3ta who is lovely. : sleepybinky is the nicest person here ever. i wish we had more like her.

Slim : Slimm
    1 Bald, Northern genius : "It's a nice bit of photoshopping, but Slim's already done it."
    2 aka DJ Lovehammer : DJ Lovehammer rocked me with his 12 inch

smegma : schmeeeeeeeee - gamma
    1 what's in your hair : look, right now, in the mirror, you've got smegma in your hair! eeeewwww!

snack eggs : sna-k eg-s
Like small scotch eggs, only with egg mayonnaise i
    1 Delicious foodstuff. Especially when stolen. : Dottie, have you been thieving Smirny's snack eggs again? You pikey cunt.

SNE : Ess-En-Eeeee
    1 Stands for "Sharp Nasal Exhalation" for when you didn't laugh hard enough to LOL but laughed enough to SNE. : That was funny! Not lol funny, but sne funny.

snock : SNOK
    1 snock occurs when you have a blocked up nose, and try to sniff, but instead suck in a huge glob of snot. A snock (noun) is the noise you make when you sniff, but accidentally snock, To snock (verb) is a more deliberate act of Snocking : *snock*

SO : Ess-Oh
    1 Abbreviation for Spousal Over-Unit. A domineering and commanding partner (commonly through marriage) who normally gets the final word : Try to break the world record for visiting every tube station? I'll check with the S.O.

South : SAAAF
    1 The civilised area of England, where people are refined and lovely. With the possible exception of Portsmouth. : I'm leaving the north. it's just shite, shit shit, crap, rubbish, cack. I'm going down south instead.

spaceshrew : spay-shroo
    1 small creature that inhabits the outer reaches of b3ta solar system : hello spaceshrew

Spack : sp-ack
    1 To dance badly, in the manner of a scoper passing a magnet factory : "Let's spack! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues" - David Bowie

Spacker : Spa-ak-kerr
    1 Insult specifically designed to be used against politically correct people. : Spacker.

Spackers Day : sup akk erss dae
    1 April 20th each year ~ festival of spackers usually accompanied by belming exhibition and street dancing among bewildered tourists : look at that secretaries acting the fool. Oh no, it must be Spackers day FFS
    2 Anniversary of Hitler's birth : Is that a badly drawn cock? No its Adolf. Fuck it, I'm off to invade Mongolia

Spacktard : fuck-wit
    1 stupid fucking moron, from spacker/retard : that tony blair is a complete spacktard

Spackuous : Spack-you-us
    1 Spacker and Vacuous, melded together to describe Dutchbird's arse. :

Spang : Spang!!
    1 sound made when hit by a large metal spade/shovel : as he raised the shovel and brought it down sharply on jeremy's jaw *SPANG* was heard for miles around
    2 the sound of a lady pleasuring herself : david awoke to find the bed empty, only to hear the distinct sound of *SPANG* coming from the bathroom as emily perused lady chatterlys lover
    3 as a verb: To Spang someone or something, usually to comedic and facial feature deforming effect : Susan did thusly spang Horatio around the chops with an aga.

Spazz : spaz
    1 To travel back into the archives to catch up on what you've missed. : Really? a kitten with a chicken's head? I missed that, I'll have to spazz back and check it out.
    2 everything that has gone before... : I saw your post in the spazz last night
    3 Word "invented" by bovine, to hide the true word, bove : What a cad.

Spazz-Tampon : spaz tamp-on
    1 A repost that, in spite of already having got attention, perpetrator chooses to re-post to many woos and yays. Only for your beautifully crafted post to be ignored, due to all the attention being soaked up by the SPAZZ-TAMPON : ''Well I aint going to woo yay that, I saw it last night and every fuckers ignoring my Harold Shipman post because of that big spaz-tampon''

Spazzimation : Spaz-e-may-shun
    1 Like animation, but Spazzier. : Why do I need to add an example, its a fairly self evident phrase?

Spitting Porridge : Spit-ting Porr-edge
    1 To spew forth from the fleshy fork : That Gail Porter, she gets me Spitting Porridge every time.

Splotch : sp - lo - ch
    1 A large jizz stain, which is often dried in : Corr, did you see that splotch in the post office today?

splutch : sper-lut-ch
    1 The sound of ladyfwaps, emitted when a woman diddles her gusset. : Quickly, Cordelia, Geordie Al is shaving his back! *splutch* *splutch* *splutch*
    2 See also: : 'ladyfwap'

Spong : sp-o-ng
    1 To draw big, round, spazzo eyes on other people's photos : I take this photo, and now - SPONG!
    2 Invented by Trashcanglam, who will not let ANYONE forget that for a second. :
    3 An exclamation in its own right. : Holy spong on a sponging bike rode by Jesus!

Spork : sp-ork
    1 an evil hybrid of spoon and fork : "And Satan did create the Spork, and it did disseminate itself upon the world" Ecclesiastes 5:23

spuff : spough
    1 an involuntary male orgasm : I was walking down the road and saw a woman bending over. she was wearing a short skirt and no knickers. I spuffed there and then. I couldn't help it.

Squildo : squ-ill-doe
    1 The part of the body that finds thing erotic when they shouldn't be : That's graping my squildo
    2 The most frequently graped part of the body : "Consider my squildo officially graped, good sir!"

Sticky Label : stick e lay bul
The act of being thrown out of a drinking establis
    1 the act of being thrown out of a drinking establishment : Mate I've gotta go, the landlord's just sticky labelled me
    2 One who sets fire to ashtrays : "Who set fire to this ashtray?", "Sticky Label", "GET OUT"

Stop : st-opp
Declarative verb
    1 Hammer time. : Can't touch this
    2 In the name of love : Before you break my heart
    3 right now, thank you very much : I need somebody with the human touch
    4 ...................... : Carry on.
    5 Look, Listen : to your heart, hear what it's saying..
    6 Collaborate and listen. : Ice is back with a brand new invention.
    7 before you go and break my heart : Ooh you'd better stop
    8 Don't ... me now : I'm having such a good time. I'm having a ball

Strikethrough : Stryke-Thru
    1 the act of qouting words from a previous post, striking them through and replacing them with a 'humourous' response : Ooooh how witty of you to replace the word 'work' with 'wank like a sex crazed mongoloid chimp'

Stupid : stu·pid
    1 See 'Gullible' : .

Sturdy girl : Stur-dee gurl
    1 Tall ice-pick wielding goddess with thighs of steel : What a sturdy girl!

suicycle : soo-i-cycle
    1 a motorcycle modified to an unsafe condition, eg. with stretch fork, ape hangers, etc. : That goit is gonna get killed on that suicycle!

Superman : Soo-per-mann
    1 Dead, apparently :

syl : sil
    1 Too open a can of worms that need not have been opened. :

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