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B3ta Best of the Board

(Leningrad, board link)

(Curis, board link)
oh no, the tides out

(mongychops, board link)
The shocking scene you were never meant to see...
Check out pencilsatdawn.wordpress.com for my battles with my arch nemisis phil bigeyedeer.wordpress.com
(seemikedraw, board link)
I have absolutely no idea

(grey kid, board link)
Rumsfeld regretted buying swivel chairs for his office

(Damocles, board link)

(mofaha, board link)

click for bugger Compoable? Edit: Meh, done
(P3te, board link)
Behold! The Feariodic Table!
Click for reference. 216Kb jpg (not mine, I might add).
(An Eagle in your Mind, board link)
My first entry
Click for bigger (253KB)
(CTU_Bauer, board link)

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