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ODF : Oh-Du-Fuh
    1 One of those below but higher up. : ODF someone messed up ODF on the fucking dictionary.

ODF : Oh-Du-Fuh
    1 Short for "Oh dear fuck...." : sickboy:"Have a shopped picture of DOTF(nsfw)" Everyone else:"ODF..."

Oligarchy : o!-lee-gar-key
    1 A state governed by a few persons. : b3ta, 4rthur.

oooohhh : ooo-ooo
    1 an exclamation of delight at someone's comment : ooohh that looks nice!

oooOOAAWHAAA??? : oo-ah-worrrr
a noise produced in a state of amused confusion; &
    1 Descriptive of a giant ant farting through a funnel so that the fart is all condensed and turns to ice and hits you in the face and you end up deformed so you work in a circus and then a clown vendoodles you. : I had an awful oooOOAAWHAAA??? last night.

oooOOAAWHAAA??? : oo-ah-worrrr
    1 A noise produced in a state of amused confusion : "hahaha, two spoons I couldn't believe it" "ooOOOAAWHHAAAAA???"

Ork : or-k
    1 The act of placing ones face too close to a camera, causing the face to curve, and the nose to grow to scary proportions : Crikey, that cow appears to be orking at me!
    2 The planet Mork from 'Mork and Mindy' comes from : Mork calling Orson...come in Orson

Overlordette : over-lor-dette
    1 DMQOB : it's overlordette not volkswagon

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