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Earsock : îrsok
    1 A sock, usually worn on the ears, though occasionally also worn on the head, chin, etc. : “Everyone knows that blue earsocks are in this year!”

Ed : eh-d
proper noun
    1 The most common of all internet real names : (In pub) Which Ed is that? DotF, SSG, etc. etc.

Ediot : Ed ee ot
    1 To edit an idiotic post : Ediot: Duh, I'm such a fucktard

Egg : eg
    1 What birds do : "This one did an egg"
    2 Interesting hidden feature in various computer programs, games etc. : Have you seen the egg in Flash5?

Egg of Numbing Inevitability :

    1 Alternative name for Kinder Surprise often used by balding bearded men. : Bill Bailey would like an egg of numbing inevitability

Egnore : eeg-norr
    1 To ignore someone over the internet. : I'm egnoring Baz until he stops being a cunt.

ego-spazz : ee-goh spaa-zuh
    1 The action of googling for your own username, in order to find out how much of an impact you have made on the Internet. : Corr blimey, Guv'nor! I've just ego-spazzed for myself and I'm 1, 3 and 16 on the list!

elbow : el-bo
    1 That which is not a nipple. : Elbow, not nipple!

Elephant-cock : EllY (ph)fant cok
    1 The male reproductive part of an elephant. : Look at that elephant-cock!
    2 A person who is a big penis! : You Elephant-Cock!

Eleven Pence : eelefen pens

    1 The amount of money required to pay for sex with tramps in Manchester : 'Y'aright mate? Fookin' give oos 11p and I'll mek it worf yer while'

Empty : Emp-tee
    1 Not like this. : Anymore.

Erasmus : ee raz muss
    1 noisy balinese cat, keeps mice away from the server : stop meowing erasmus
    2 full name: Erazmus Hetz Pawford Von Kittenberg Bazzlejet Matthews Knight of the realm : uber katzen
    3 European student exchange program : And all of a sudden, the Erasmus student appeared wearing nothing but speedos.
    4 Charles Darwin's Granddad. : Get to Fuck you Cunt.
    5 Future ruler of the world : Just you wait and see
    6 Not Alan, apparently : No

eumphazard : umff-azz-ard
    1 a word designed to get yourself out of a pickle : i wasn't looking at your girlfriend i was just eumphazarding her

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