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T'wat : Twat
    1 Short for 'it was at' : "T'wat the park where I got beaten"

talk : tor-q
    1 The part of b3ta where pictures are forbidden : There be no room for your photoshop japery here - to the main board with you
    2 Home of Mykeyboy : Gaaaaaay

Technospacker : Tek no spak er
    1 Somebody who knows nothing about how a computer, network or anything technical works. (see also Spacker) : I can't even set the video. I'm such a technospacker.

teh : t-eh
    1 variant of the word 'the' used by the fat-fingered : I DRANK ALL TEH BOOZE
    2 funny the first 3 or so times ... tedious the other 3,578,345 times : say 'teh' again and i'll break your legs
    3 for the fuckwits who think spelling incorectly is funny for the sake of it. : all teh crisps! NONONONO! look spell it correctly before I chop your fingers off. Some of us cant spell because we have a disablity not because we're trying to be craply funny
    4 Genuine typo for 'the' : this never happens

Terrible! : terry-bull
    1 See: Jamaica? :

TFH : Tee Eff Aych
    1 Tinfoil Hat : Ah! The MAGIC BADGERS are coming for my brains! *TFH*
    2 Also abbrevation for 'the fackin' horn' : SSG has his knob in the sponge cake again that gives me TFH

TGMTFH (or TGMTF'O) : tee-gee-emm-tee-eff-aitch
    1 That gives me the fackin' 'orn! - to be uncontrollably aroused : "I saw Nigella on TV last night" "TGMTF'O!!"

The Other Place : thee uthurr perlase
    1 The 4rthurian name for b3ta. Usu. used when referring to a post on b3ta : The Other Place is crap of late.
    2 A B3tan name for 4rthur, most probably stolen from 4rthurians : Have you seen this person? she's not on the 'other' place
    3 The remaining fillet of fish. Spelld rong. : Are you going to eat the other place? No. It stinks of shit.

This^^ : This hat hat
    1 Expression used by sheep unable to even think of an original way to agree with someone else. : "I fancy a cup of tea" "This^^"

Three-cock gob : THREE-COCK GOB (it's not that difficult to say)
    1 A lady with a disproportionate mouth in relation to face size, thus, one would imagine, enabling fellatio simultaneously involving three "cocks" inserted at once. : Anneka Rice, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, that bird who played Pussy Galore, etc

Tiger : tie-ger
    1 A valuable creature, full of precious jam. : A tiger, a tiger, my kingdom for a tiger!
    2 I will take any tigers off your hands, in exchange for a precious bear. : .
    3 often found singing in parks : ooh baby I like it, roar.

Time-spazz : tîmspăs
    1 To look back through archived pages of b3ta. : "Timespazz back to 9am yesterday if you want to see it…"
    2 Replying to a really old post (killed by archiving) : I'm gonna timespazz like it's 1999

Tinfoil Hat : beep beep beep
    1 A type of headwear that can shield your brain from most electromagnetic psychotronic mind control carriers : "Activate the mindray!" "I scorn your mindray, I'm wearing my tinfoil hat"

tit-flunge : tit flunj
    1 the bulgy overhang seen on women's breasts when they wear a bra that's a tad small. : "She needs to see Sadie the Bra Lady - look at the tit-flunge on it!"

Titwank : tit-wank
    1 To either give or receive a tit wank. A titwank is the action of a cock being placed between the tits and wanked. : That was a good titwank
    2 To use as a word for cursing : Oh, titwank!
    3 To masturbate a nipple : My wife had a titwank
    4 The act of masturbating small garden bird common to the uk : right am off to wank a tit.

TMI : tea em eye
    1 too much information : Jimmy's been suspended for drawing spunking CDC's in the boy's toilets ... TMI

todgerdodger : tod'jerdod'jer
    1 lesbian, or nun : Martina Navratilova, Ellen DeGeneres

Touching Slough : Wan-King

    1 To get too near to visiting Slough : I went to Wycombe, I was touching Slough
    2 A dull-as-shit webiste, with a funny name. : ... details clubs and whatnot in the slough area. Even funnier, mizemma knew a haberdashery in Brick Lane called "Touching Cloth".

Tourettes (syndrome) : Taw-rets
    1 Sufferers shout expletives uncontrollably in public : see 'Fucksocks'
    2 also a fun game to play : 'I have twats syndrome' and then start swearing and see if anyone notices (if you want the full explanation to this, message me (Tease)
    3 A small tour. :

Tramp : tramp
    1 Person of unkempt or drunken appearance : Martian and Pippy

Troll : trol
    1 Person who winds up the normal, lovely b3tans, either knowingly or not. IF intentional, they're people who get satisfaction from making people angry with little or no consequence to themselves (compared to annoying people in real life). These people are fairly sad, and have no friends, which explains their questionable social skils. If unintentional, it's usually the case that they're about 12 and have AOL. :
    2 a fucking idiot. E.g. baaa, STINK BOMB, etc.. : OMG!! visti my site!1 LOL!11! it has loadz of da pix wot i make !1
    3 1337 H4XX0R : LOL!!!!1111!!one111eleven!!111!
    4 A tramp who lives under a bridge, with wild hair : I say, who is that unkept person sitting under the bridge, drinking tramp-juice?..Why, it's a common troll

Tuppence : Tu'pens
    1 Two of your English pennies : Feed the birds, tuppence a bag

Twankunt : tw'an-kunt
    1 Similar to twunt, but worse: All-star combination of twat, wanker and cunt : Stop reading b3ta and do something worthwhile with your insignificant life, you repellent twankunt!

Twat Pilot : ter-wat Pie-lot
    1 greasy haired stripe suited office worker who spends all his non-working life talking to a hands free mobile device : why is that tard in the suit talking to himself? No, wait a minute - he's a twat pilot

Two Pumps And A Squirt Man : twoo-pumps-and-ae-squrt-man
    1 One prone to premature ejaculation : How was the sex? Agh, crap. He was two pumps and a squirt.

Twoc : Tw.ok
    1 Scally vernacular for Taken Without Consent : Ah-eh man, I twocked a car stereo an' sold it to Vork

Twunt : twnt
    1 A hybrid of a Twat and a Cunt. : "You're such a twunt!"
    2 Hybrid of "Thread-wasting" and "Cunt" : "Read the FAQ, you baldy-nosed Twunt!"

Typowaffle : Tie-Poh-Woff-Ull
    1 The term for an accidental # symbol being inserted into a message, due to fat fingers/clumsiness in hitting the enter key (also typowaffled, typowaffling) : "well personally i prefer the ring-tailed lemur#" "fack.. i just grilled a typowaffle"

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