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Ratarsed : rat ast
    1 The highest level of drunkeness : "I am sho fuggin' ratarsed *vomits*"

Rawkus : raw-cuss
    1 Absurdly, over the top, excessive yet obvious. : You, sir, are a rawkus cheat!!

Raworth, Sophie : Soe-fee Ray-wurf
Proper noun
    1 BBC newsreader much beloved of many male B3tans : Did you watch that porn film I lent you? No, I watched the 6 o'clock News instead
    2 Not as good as Abeer Parkes : Her name is Abeer

rawr : raw-ehr
noun, sound effect, exclamation
    1 Canadian b3tan with a talent for sketching superheroes : That looks like rawr's wolverine picture!
    2 like a lion's roar : RAWR!
    3 used when something sexy is seen : Rawr, she's got nice norks!

Recursive : re-kurr-siv
    1 Repeating back on one's self : see: recursive

Redex : redd-exx
    1 What b3tans see what somebody bollixes posting a tattyslop :
    2 A link to an image that no longer exists or has been moved. : <img src="">

regresfa : ree-gres-far
    1 mistyping "refresh" in the extreme whilst in alcohol recovery mode : "a cmopelx hiryaki of regresfa" - see also hyraki

Repost : ree-poast
    1 To repost your image which you’ve slaved over in order to gain sufficient w/y in order to make the potatoshopping exercise seem worthwhile, much to the annoyance of other b3tans who saw it before. Reposting at peak times is frowned upon. : That's a repost, isn't it? Bad - no biscuit.

Retardohummus : ree-tard-oh-hum-uss
    1 an idea in one's head that makes no real sense, yet one KNOWS it needs to be mashed or shopped : "I got a sudden burst of retardohummus I had to get rid of, so here's John McEnroe fighting Swaziland with a pack of frozen peas"

RIS? : ris
    1 An inquiry: Realisation that the image above is funny in some way, but that you're too stupid to get it unless someone explains it. Based off an image of the MORRISONS logo with the RIS dimmed out. : RIS? I don't get it...

roanean leaver : uh-tah-tit
    1 One who habitually slags everyone off in a big poofy strop, says they are never going to post again and then turns up again five minutes later pretending they never said any such thing and you just can't take a joke, subsequently behaving like a tit, getting in a big poofy strop... : Oh fuck off, you pathetic little tit.

Robin "Robin Johnson" Johnson : I think you'll find that it is gramatically unsound!
    1 Pedantic to the point of obsession : See also: Mr. Pendantic

Robin 'Robin Johnson' Johnson : I think you'll find that it is gramatically unsound!
    1 Obsessive to the point of pedantry. : See also: Mr. Pendantic

Robust and Adult : Roh-busst and a-dult
    1 Sleazy, and/or nonce-like behaviour : webclam

Robust conversation : Row-bust con-verse-ay-shun
    1 A form of conversation that may or may not end in the exchange of pornographic images. : If you are chating to me and choose to send me porn, I will not complain. But don't be suprised to find an ensuing conversation of an "adult and robust" nature.

RockOn : Rock-On
    1 A word used toward someone when they have made a woosome image : RockOn, dude - that picture deserves most woo

ROLFMAYO : rolf mayo
    1 B3tan version of the popular l33t acronym ROTFLMAO (Rolling on the floor laughing my arse off ) : That's top banana ROLFMAYO!!!
    2 Rolf Harris' man mayonnaise : Mmm... rub that creamy goodness all over!

rolis : rolis
    1 a chinese loris : awwww... Mr Miyagi wiw eat rolis with egg fly lice while Danyow San paint the fence.

Rubber biscuit : Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrubba-bizz-keeet!
    1 It's the kind of a biscuit that's supposed to bounce back off the wall into your mouth. : What do you want for nothing? Rubber biscuit? Bow bow bow.

Rucus : Roo-cuss
Noun, Verb, Adjective, Pronoun, Exclamation
    1 Magical word, signifying the key to the mystery of the universe : It's ALL about the rucus.
    2 Not "RUCKUS" : Ruckus is a shit word. Rucus is far better.

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