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Q : Key-yew
    1 The most annoying letter to have in scrabble if you haven't got a "U" : Fuck all the Us are out! Im going to my room to sulk.

QDiPS : cue-dips
    1 Quick and Dirty PhotoShopping : this was QDiPS

queef : kweef
noun and verb
    1 an expulsion of wind from the vulva during or after coitus; a vaginal fart. : Her quiet queef made us all blush.(noun); Don't queef in my mouth!(verb)

Quim : kwim
    1 The vagina. : Christ she had a loose quim.

Quincy : Kwin-sea
    1 A forensic examiner who is much, much better than Columbo : I had to kill them as they mistakenly thought that Columbo was better than Qunicy
    2 Vastly inferior to Columbo, but still quite sexy. : Nice yacht, Quincy.
    3 Akin to something that has five of something. : That square stops just short of being quincy.

Quo : kwo
    1 Beings responsible for every disaster in the world : The Hindenburg, Pompeii, 'Rocking All Over The World'

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