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j00 Luvs it!11111! : you luvs it
    1 phrase used to explain how much you like it, normally said by big gay Irishmen : I slept with your woman and j00 luvs it!11111!

Jakarta : jah-car-tah
Proper Noun
    1 See also : Jamaica, genoa, alaska etc

Jamaica? : ja-may-ka
    1 General rejoinder to puns/jokes/comments that don't make much sense. Derived from old joke, "My wife's gone to the West Indies" "Jamaica?" "No, she went of her own accord". Generally repsonded to with stream of punchlines, eg: "Terrible!", "I'm not asking you to post my letters then", "So they can hide upside down in custard", etc. :
    2 A company that makes ginger cake. : "This Jamaican Giner Cake is good."

James Blunt : Jaymez blunt
rhyming slang
    1 Rhyming slang for 'cunt' : 'can you tell the telly over dear? That utter James Jimmy Carr is on again'

jeffna's boots : jeh-ph-narr ' s boots
    1 Feet of fire. Useful for fascinating small children. And then stomping them : "Mummy, why does that lady have flaming feet? Why is she coming over here? Aaaaaargh!" <squelching noise>
    2 quasi-sentient footwear of the apocalypse, usually attached to jeffna. : "aargh! the boots of doom!" and so on and so forth

Jimmynailification : jim mee nail ah fik ayshun
    1 lengthening of the facial features, also known as 'spoonfacing' : Jimmy Nail, Pete Townsend, Rodney Trotter, that bird from 'everything but the girl'

Joey Deacon : Joe-ee Dee-con
    1 mnnnnghhhhhhhhh : emmmmnnnmggggggghhh mnnnnnnneeennnn mmnneeeggghh
    2 A disabled man brought into the public eye by Blue Peter in the 1980s. A renowned spastic and term of abuse : Hah, you great Joey.
    3 Affectionate name given by watch repairers to frequent customers. : You broke it again?! Who are you? Joey Deacon! *slaps wrists together while belming*

John Peel's dead? : Jon Peelz ded(?)
    1 A false expression of shock used to greet old news. : "Damn, MSN is broken again."<br>"JOHN PEEL'S DEAD?!?"

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