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b0rked : bore - ck - duh
    1 Meaning to be broken beyond repair : as in link is borkedness

b3ta : kãr? t
    1 A community of deranged but friendly image-manipulators that love the web. : “b3ta is, without question, the greatest site on earth.”
    2 More addictive than crack :
    3 the second letter of the Greek alphabet : alpha b3ta gamma
    4 A stage that the development of software reaches prior to its release. This stage occurs several months later than it should have. : "How long is this B3ta guy gonna keep testing our stuff?"
    5 Place people on 4rthur used to visit : Does anyone remember b3ta?
    6 An unhealthy alternative to 4rthur, much like 4rthur is an unhealthy alternative to B3ta : I can't stop hitting F5!!! Damn you [4rthur/B3ta}!!!

b3ta talk : bee-tah tah-k
    1 offshoot of b3ta where the same 6 or so peopl beat lumps out of each other in capital letters and get arsey at the others too : FUCK OFF, YOU CUNT ARSED FLANGE HADDOCK!!
    2 Place for b3tans who can't/won't photoshop and don't know enough obscure stuff about computers/70's sitcoms/lack the attention span to post on 4rthur : 'My last picture was really shit, I'll just go to /talk and call Mykeyboy a cunt instead'

b3tan : bee-tan
    1 One who posts on the b3ta messageboard frequently. A regular. : ''I went to the pub and blow me if it wasn't full of b3tans''

b3tan to it :
    1 To have someone post a reply or image when you were just about to post the same. Not to be confused with: ''beaten to it'' : ''Damn, b3tan to it!''

b3titis : beet-eye-tuss
    1 A condition stemming from severe addiction to b3ta resulting in loss of sleep, nausea, kitten overload and spacking.. : I've come down with a right case of b3titis..

babel fish : baybellphshhhhhhhh
    1 le poisson de Babel est un translater faible par l'altavista qui traduit des choses mal avec des résultats hilares. : le poisson de Babel est un translater faible par l'altavista qui traduit des choses mal avec des résultats hilares.

Baby Jesus' birthday : Boy is he old...
    1 something that'll be with us for many years : Oh god, how far ahead has Al done this?

Badger : Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger
    1 Mushroom Mushroom : SNAKE!!! SNAKE!!! Oohhh, It's a snake!!!

baldmonkey : ball-d-munn-quay
    1 A type of god, sadly under-worshipped by his underlings. : baldmonkey, please take all our money and women, we is well fick compared to yous.
    2 Apely Alopecia :
    3 Acronym; better although lethargic dichotomised man of no known equalateral yoghurt :
    4 The unfortunate result of gromping beneath fortune's favoured scissors which cannot exhume the deceased farts of yesteryear. : Oh.

bananaphone : ba-na-na f-o-ne
    1 A phone, of the banana style, it's so a-ppeal-ing, it grows in bunches, its the best, beats the rest, cellular, modular, interactive-odular, it's no baloney, its not a phoney, the cellular, bananular phone. Doesn't require quarters, or dimes to call friends. Doesn't require TV or Computer to have a real good time, You can call for Pizza, call for carrot, call the White House, for a chat! Place a call around the world (Operator, get me Beijing!!). It's a real live momma and poppa phone, a brother and sister and dog-a-phone, a grampaphone and a grandmaphone too! A cellular, bananular phone. Its a phone with a-peel. Now you can have your phone and eat it too. This dictionary definition drives me bananas. Boop-boo-bee-doop. : Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Bananaphone!! (See *bananular*)
    2 Dali's first bash at a Lobster-phone whih went wrong largely because he used a banana where he should have used a lobster. : "Oh fuck. My Lobster-phone came out as a Banana-phone again. I don't understand why it's going wrong."

bananular : ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
noun, adjective
    1 A type of phone : My cellular bananular phone!
    2 As or like a banana : That phone's so bananular.

Bandwagon : B-hand-wha-gone
    1 Endlessly repeated image post which relies on minute changes to a stock photo for comic effect. Usually sustainable for 6 pictures, unless crap to start with. Popular examples include signs and golf sales. : Do you go on B3ta any more?
    2 As good a reason as any for staying away from B3ta : Do you go on B3ta any more? No, it's full of twunts and bandwagons
    3 Repetitive for cunts (except the alien horses) : All bandwagons are for cunts

Barbara : Bar-bar-ah
    1 One-person bandwagon, in honour of Golden Fanjita's use of Barbara Werner : That dog again? This is quite a long-running Barbara
    2 See also Babs : This picture was Babs'd!

Baz : Bah-zoo
    1 Bazoo means the finest of the finest of the finest, nothing can be better than bazoo. Very few things are bazoo but when you do find a bazoo thing you know it's something very special. : Lollies are bazoo, melons Dave.
    2 You fucking need me. :

Baztard : Bazzzz tardddd
    1 Baz's children to be : there isn't one yet

bdoink : buh-doink
    1 The alleged sound of a man getting an erection : "Ooh look, Dutchbird's breasts!" *bdoink*

Beaning : Bee-ning
    1 The process of removing the detritus from a horse's cock as part of cleaning it. : As a result of beaning, I've managed to save up enough horse smegma to feed my entire family for a week.

Bear : Bare
    1 I have a bear. Would anyone care to exchange it for a tiger? : Please email me.

Beer : Bee - ar
    1 TV presenter off of Watchdog : That Alice Beer, eh? Phwoar.

Beeriod : Bee-ear-ri-od
    1 The resulting mess found in your toilet after a big night out : "Hey John, you used that toilet today?" "Nah mate, Dave left a fucking beeriod in it"

Beirut : bae root
proper noun
    1 Capital of Lebanon : Capital and largest city of Lebanon; located in western Lebanon on the Mediterranean
    2 A lovely place for a holiday : Beirut is smashing

Belm : bell
    1 to jam one’s tongue up against the inside of one’s lower lip and make ''mnnnngh'' noises of a Joey Deacon-esque type : mnnnnghh
    2 to insult ones peers when they get something wrong : eeeemmm mem mem, you joey deacon!! (see Joey Deacon)
    3 a little german suburb next to Osnabrück : some where in germany
    4 Abbreviation used in describing the town of Belmsthorpe outside of Stamford, Lincolnshire. Coincidentally the town features more than its fair share of Joeys and hence the phrase is heard more often here than anywhere else on Earth. : i wouldn't live in belm if you paid me

Bennywank : ben-NEE-wank
    1 To masturbate in a public place, in honour of Benny Tied to a Tree : Has anyone seen Mykeyboy? Yeah, he's at that Girls Aloud concert, having a bennywank.
    2 cf Bunnywank, the female equivalent : the way she was mumbling, I'd swear she was having a bunnywank

BEWARE! : bee-where
    1 that being is extra terrestrial : BEWARE! Horse is a alien

Bhuna (or Boona) : boo-ner
    1 a tasty curry : give me bhuna or I kill you

Biophotons : Bye-oh-foat-ohns
    1 Super light, super tasty particles. Not very filling. : not cheese, or dogs.

biscuit crumbs : bi-skit cr-umms
    1 anything that is apparently paedophilic in nature, named after mongychops' infamous post : Good god man, link it! It's a bit too biscuit crumbs for my liking...

Bitchpapa : bitchpä-pä
    1 carrier of the scotch death. : "I met that fat bastard at a bash the other week and he's only gone and given me the Scotch Death...pass the lemsip..."

Bitterness : bit-ter-ness
    1 The quality or state of being bitter, sharp, or acrid, in either a literal or figurative sense :

Blimmy! : Blimm-ee
    1 Archaic spelling of Blimey, possibly Chaucerian in origin. : Cor blimmy!

Blode : Bl-oh-ed
    1 Short blonde thing that has strange adventures : Oh no! Its the dreaded woe kitten!

blog : b'log
    1 The dull minutiae of your life, painstakingly posted on the board to bore the hell out of other users : "Just got out of a meeting, now going shopping etc etc etc bore drone" /blog

BLOPE : Blow-p
    1 Butch Lesbian Organisation of Policewomen in Eastbourne : "Women police officers? Rubbish idea" "Careful, you'll have Dutchbird and BLOPE after you"

boak : boke
    1 an onomatopoeic word, descriptive of the sound made when being sick : oh god, tubgirl! *boak*

Boardquake : boord-kwake
    1 A total 4rthur catastrophe : Fancy a pint after work? 4rthur me! I can't, it's totally fucked because of the boardquake
    2 When 4rthurians are welcomed lovingly by their b3ta talk counterparts : What are you lot doing on here 4rthur boardquaked AGAIN?!

boardquake : boord-kwayk
    1 It's what happens when the 4thur message board has a hissy fit and fucks everyone off : "Oh no, a boardquake! Now I have to do some work!"

BOLLOCKS : bol-lucks
    1 shout it from the rooftops, loudly. you'll see : total, utter BOLLOCKS

Bongle : Bongle
    1 A semi erect penis : Ron Jeremy turned around suddenly and knocked a camera man out with his bongle.
    2 bongle (v) The action of a bongle. : Pxyzyzygy bongled into the room.
    3 collective noun for a group of 4rthurians : Who's that doing the hustle? It's a right bongle!

Bongonomics : Bon-go-nom-ics
    1 The mental process by which spending £8 on Frosty Jack cider and drinking it in half-an-hour is a good idea. : Through the judicious application of Bongonomics, he managed to vomit <i>and</i> piss himself before 10.00 last Friday night.

boobies : boo-bees
    1 part of the family Sulidae. This is a group of seabirds, which is closely related to the gannets. : Look! It's a pair of boobies!

boonay : BOO! Neigh
    1 Antonym of Woo Yay, meaning oh buggeration, that's making me miserable : Boonay, I've totally run out of hummus

boots of doom : boots of DOOM!
    1 destructive footwear, see: jeffna's boots : : horrifies board members, fascinates small children, would probably withstand a nuclear holocaust

Booxe : book-sey
    1 Alcoholic drink : We're going to drink ALL THE BOOXE!!!

Boozewelox : booze-well-ox
    1 beer with anti-aging properties - hence: boozewelox (from the skin cream with 'boswelox' in) : Go you Germany and ask for the anti-aging beer.

Boswelox : boz-well-ox
    1 faux-science bollocks. To be used instead off the word 'bollocks' : 'oh, ignore him, he's talking boswelox'

bove : bove!
    1 To travel back into the archives to catch up on what you've missed. : Really? a kitten with a chicken's head? I missed that, I'll have to bove back and check it out.
    2 everything that has gone before... : I saw your post in the bove last night

brbutpcibac : b-r-b-u-t-p-c-i-b-a-c
    1 Be Right Back Unless This PC Is Being A Cunt : Wait a second, that last install is hanging my system, brbutpcibac.

breaking : bray-king
    1 To feed someone booxe or other "mind-altering" substances until they fall asleep/fall over/believe they've discovered the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything/spack out on the board in front of everyone. : We've broken Supermoore again. Now - where's my permanent marker? And could someone pass me a marrow, please?

Breastled : Bres-all-d
    1 Meaning to be nestled in Breasts. : I'd love to breastle in those puppies!

Brian Blessed : Bry-ann Blé-sed
    1 Big Bearded actor - an idol of all B3tans!!! : Diiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Brighton : brye-tunn
    1 City on the South Coast of England and a small centre of b3tan activity. : Brighton bash this weekend... you coming? No.
    2 Like London but more bumgay : "You going to Brighton? Careful you don't bend over"
    3 Best place in the world, ever. : See also: brilliant
    4 Gay even by impressive Southern standards : "They're from Brighton?" "Aye, and 5 times gayer than Dale Winton in Speedoes"

Brillaint : 'bril-aye-unt
    1 entertaining ditties of such a randomly brillaint nature : Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights played on Ukulele, or anything by Mystery Bob's Ukulele Singers.
    2 brilliant for the bad spellers among us : is it really so difficult?

brunost : br-uhn-eust
    1 a type of vile norwegian cheese, emetic properties : there was brunost all over the floor, but surprisibgly none on the seat so i didn't bother to wipe it

bubba : bub ba
    1 a new name for baz : Look how cute bubba is

Bukkake : Boo-Car-Key
    1 They like it in Nagasaki : In Nagasaki they go spunky for your love
    2 I organised a bukkake party last night : No one came

Bum Gay : Bum Gay
    1 Gayer than gay. : That is bumgay.
    2 See Supermoore :
    3 see Sunny Jimbob : You must be the gayest man in Yorkshire
    4 See saw : marjorie daw

Bum-hands : Boom-hands
    1 A ruder way of saying "Butterfingers" : "He dropped his fucking iPod down a drain you know. It's only cos he has bumhands."

bumhat : bumm-hatt
    1 Foodstuff developed by Chilledunit Labs Inc. A bumhat is made by warming bread until the outside goes crispy, then adding a topping, such as butter, jam or even cheese : Mmmm. Breakfast time, I'm going to have a cheesy bumhat.
    2 Acronym derived from the full name of the above foodstuff : Bread Under Mild Heat And Toppings

bumsex : bum secksy
    1 he was bumsexy : a cool person who like the bumsex

bumsexualist : b-um-s-ex-u-a-list
Err, fuck knows!
    1 Someone who does the bumsex... : e.g. a big fat gayer ;)
    2 A phrase coined by King Ralph : :)

Bumtown : bum toun
    1 : Ask question - answer Bumtown!
    2 An area in fictional TV town Springfield : "Get out of Bumtown you lousy Bum!"

Bunnywank : Bun-NEE-wank
    1 The female version of a bennywank; of ladies diddling themselves in public places : Giant Bunny looked happy at that funeral the other day. I'm not surprised, she was bunnywanking the whole time.
    2 To toss off a rabbit : Is there nothing Mykeyboy won't do? He even bunnywanks at weekends.

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