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Nana Miscarriage : na·na mis·car·riage
    1 What is red and slimy and climbs up your leg crying "momma!" : Nana Miscarriage!
    2 The punchline to the funniest thing you will ever know. : Ha ha ha ha ha. That's very droll.

NessaRoo : Ness a Rue
Cross between the loch ness monster and a kangaroo
    1 Cross between the loch ness monster and a kangaroo : Drunken kangaroo in holiday in Scotland gets laid, produces offspring that can stay underwater

Netquake : net-kwake
    1 Noun for when 4rthur breaks down completely leaving the boardmembers to roam the internet looking for temporary safe haven whilst gibbering maniacly... : Recovered from the netquake trauma yet?

NGO : en-jee-oh
    1 Never Gets Old : you are gay! /NGO

Night-shift :
    1 Those who post to b3ta in the evening/early morning. : So-and-so's been on the night-shift lately, so I've not seen much of them.
    2 See also: Gay Shift :

ning : nnnnnngggggg
    1 abbreviation of 'morning', popular with people that want to sound like spackers : 'ning!
    2 A pile of shit used by 'tards to make them sound witty even though they are not : See above.

nipple : ni-pl
    1 That which is not an elbow. : Nipple, not elbow!

Nohands : know hayndz
    1 Orange kitten, which seems to be the *unofficial* ''mascot'' of b3tans,along with furtive; fluffy; weebl; bob; and pie. : ''Look ma, a new nohands tattyslop!''
    2 kitten of much mindpiss - beware : that's not no-hands, that's mindpiss kitten!
    3 Small, charming kitten whose outstretched paws and curious expression give him great photoshoppability : Look at what I've made Nohands do now.

Nonk : nonk!
    1 The act of squeezing someone's breast to achieve honkage. Derived from the contraction of 'Nork' and 'Honk' : "Did you have a nice night out, dear?" "Yes, I was nonking all the while"

nool : nooooooooooooooooool
    1 like loon but oh so much "crazier" : arf! nool

noon : noon
    1 Abbreviation of 'afternoon', see - 'ning : 'noon all

Nork-Corks : Nork-Corks
    1 Nipples : it was so cold, her <i>nork-corks</i> were clearly visible.

Norks : norrkz
    1 A lady's funbags, bristols, breasts : That workboresme, she's got great norks!
    2 things you honk : jiva honked dutchbird's norks
    3 Sources of much pleasure. : "Cracking norks!"

North, The : oop north
    1 Cold, wet place, where people speak with funny accents : A bit like Wales, really
    2 Best. : The south is rubbish.
    3 Harsh, unfriendly, godless, coal-powered, cobbled entrance to Hades : see: Cunt
    4 The South : Yes it bloody is
    5 Imagine the south. Now imagine the people are friendlier, the beer cheaper, and there's no annoying tourists or shitty tube trains full of psychos. That's the north. : No example, you have to experience its wonder for yourself.
    6 Direction without which "The News" would be called "The Ews". : "Why don't you just pull over and ask someone the way to The North Pole." "Shut up, woman. I'll find it myself."

Norwich : norr-ridge
    1 City in England famed for its inbreeding. Home of 4rthur. : Blimey, you've got big ears.
    2 where the good Guard Erasmus Bazzlejet of the realm guards 4rthurs domain : none shall pass who can not face the fierce claws and licking of Erasmus!

NRAH! : ner-rarr
    1 Used randomly or as a statement to show confusion or not understanding of a picture of post : what was the name of that program that makes pictures? response: NRAH!

NSFA : enn- ess- eff -ay
    1 Not Safe For Anyone. Something which should not be viewed, at all costs : see above
    2 A picture that should never be seen. Ever. Ever ever. : Goatse

NSFDMR : enn - ess - eff - dee - emm - ahh
    1 Not Safe For Daily Mail Readers. To be used for anything that promotes immigration or the Euro. : "warning: explicit images of foreigners, NSFDMR"

NSFE : enn- ess- eff - ee
    1 Not Safe For Epileptics - can be applied to posts/pics that has stroboscopic characteristics : AAARRRGHHH!!! NSFE! *spacks out*

NSFW : enn- ess- eff -dub bull yew
    1 Not Safe For Work : warning, this link is NSFW
    2 Short for "Never sell ferrets... wanker.." : Agh! They're purchasing ferrets! NSFW! NSFW!

nutjack : nut-jak
    1 To use one's telepathic abilities to induce amusing/dangerous behaviour in the mad : I just nutjacked that spacker over there, the one who's dropped his Special Brew

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