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uber : oober
    1 Super-Mega-Ultra-Hyped-Up version of something : UBER-SPACKER! NNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ukulele : you-coo-lay-lee
    1 Instrument of choice for all true musical genii. : I just wrote another number one smash hit on my ukulele
    2 When combined with a chair, can propel an old man at alarming speeds : look at ukuleleman go!
    3 not an instrument played by George Formby : He played a banjolele

unkempt : hun kemm pt
    1 not very well kempt : that guy on the tramp juice is rather unkempt what ?
    2 to be cleansed of all traces of spandau ballet by a member of the clergy : by the power of tony hadley, I command thee unkempt

uplaod coedz : up-'lOd kOdz
transitive verb
    1 a meme, a silly question asked by a 13 year haX0r : "Do you know where I can get the uplaod coedz?"
    2 something that needs to be found : ok, teh uplaod codez are at... *gets shot*
    3 a type of beetroot, commonly used in pasta sauce : pass the uplaod please, this sauce needs an extra something
    4 The cheat codes for life, written by God and lost by man. The uplaod codez allow any mortal to do ANYTHING! :

username : yoo-zer-naym
    1 the name that one chooses for oneself, by which once is thenceforth known on 4rthur/b3ta : Don't make your username the same as your real name, kids!
    2 things that TheFelineAnarchist has been illustrating for nice people who ask : may be found at

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